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At BIOMIN we harness the power of science to support animal health and performance. By applying state-of-the-art and proprietary technology we deliver natural, sustainable and profitable solutions to the livestock industry. For over 30 years we have pioneered innovative solutions for mycotoxin risk management and gut performance. Naturally Ahead. Our in-house R&D program at the BIOMIN Research Center is staffed by over 100 scientific researchers and supported by eight Centers for Applied Animal Nutrition and a research network of 200 academic and research institutions globally. Our clients in the poultry, swine, cattle and aquaculture sectors are located in more than 100 countries worldwide

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DSM Animal Nutrition & Health Bright Science. Brighter Living.™
DSM Animal Nutrition & Health serves the poultry feed industry with innovative and sustainable nutritional solutions to help farmers meet the challenges they face. The global demand for poultry meat and eggs is growing at a phenomenal rate. The poultry sector will need to evolve and innovate in line with this demand. With our classic vitamins through carotenoids to cutting-edge eubiotics and feed enzymes, DSM can help increase productivity, improve welfare, reduce environmental impact, and enhance product quality.

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The ever increasing and more demanding challenges in the livestock industry today require a more comprehensive approach to guarantee a sustainable production profitability. Novus globally develops and produces nutritional solutions and programs that can help livestock producers succeed. From enhancing quality and health to boosting production and saving in feed cost, Novus has the research, the expert knowledge and the tools to support a profitable production. Novus offers a full range of quality products including: ALIMET® & MHA®, MINTREX® Zn, Cu and Mn , AVIMATRIX® COLORTEK® Yellow. More...

ALIMET® & MHA® feed supplements, 100% effective sources of methionine with 88% and 84% methionine analogue (HMTBa), respectively. Both protect bird performance, especially during times of stress, while reducing nitrogen excretions. Additionally, ALIMET exhibits an organic acid effect while MHA delivers organic calcium. MINTREX® Zn, Cu and Mn are well-defined chelates of hydroxy analogue of methionine (HMTBa), a unique mineral technology offering 2 distinct benefits: higher key trace mineral bioavailability and stability. Feeding MINTREX ensures more effective enhancement of livestock performance at lower dietary inclusion levels compared to inorganic sources. Different scientific and commercial trials have shown the positive effects of MINTREX on health, immunity and structural integrity of pigs, poultry and ruminants resulting in higher production profitability. Latest research has demonstrated MINTREX supports layer, breeder and their progeny's performance. AVIMATRIX® is a unique blend of protected flavoring compounds including primarily benzoic acid. It is specifically designed for poultry and works in a threefold way throughout the entire intestinal tract resulting in a better equilibrium of the microbiota for enhanced gut health. AVIMATRIX contributes to an improved litter quality, better animal welfare as seen in reduced incidence of foot pad lesions, and a higher feed efficiency supporting production profitability. COLORTEK® Yellow, is a natural pigment solution, produced with a new proprietary technology from Novus, providing a uniform and consistent coloration of egg yolks and broiler skin equivalent to syntheticapo-ester pigment sources, while reducing overall application cost and meeting consumers demand for natural products.

® ALIMET, MHA, MINTREX, AVIMATRIX and COLOTEK YELLOW are trademarks of Novus International, Inc. and are registered in the United States and other countries.

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We believe that knowledge and innovations in animal nutrition are crucial factors for success of modern livestock production. We are committed to research and development and have a growing portfolio of products for poultry, swine and ruminant. Our products make human food safer by preventing and controlling disease and by reducing threats to animal health. We are experts in prevention!




Evonik Animal Nutrition is a highly reliable, globally operating provider of science-driven products and services for sustainable and efficient production of meat, fish, eggs and milk. The organization is marked by scientific excellence and sensitivity to the needs of our customers and society.



Adisseo is one of the world's leading experts in feed additives. The group relies on its 11 research centers and its production sites based in Europe, USA and China to design, produce and market nutritional solutions for sustainable animal feed.

With more than 2,100 employees, it serves around 3,500 customers in over 100 different countries through its global distribution network.
Adisseo is one of the main subsidiaries of China National BlueStar, leader in the Chinese chemical industry with nearly 23,000 employees and a turnover of 6,4 billion euros. Adisseo is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. Feed producers, farmers, animals and consumers – all can benefit from our research and development committed to feeding the world’s growing population. Our products help farmers to raise vital animals, to utilize feeds more efficiently and to achieve top performance. By offering enzymes, organically-bound trace elements, vitamins, carotenoids, organic acids, mycotoxin binders, and omega-6’s, we can help to nourish more animals while saving resources. Innovative products, modern technologies and our applied sustainability team adds to the symbiosis of cost-efficiency and sustainability.

BASF has decades of experience in the feed sector, in development, production and application. We place particular importance on delivering the highest quality for the benefit of humans and animals alike.

Perstorp is devoted to success in gut health and preservation. Our organic acid solutions prevent feed deterioration and improve performance.


DuPont is a market leader in nutritional health solutions for animal production, with a comprehensive portfolio of feed enzymes, betaine, phytogenics and probiotics. To find out more, please visit:


LALLEMAND is a global leader in microbial fermentation. As a primary producer, LALLEMAND ANIMAL NUTRITION researches, develops and markets yeast and bacteria products that are scientifically selected and proven to enhance feed quality and nutritional performance.