Monday - June 10, 2019

Registration and satellite sessions

Opening Ceremony

Get Together Party

Tuesday - June 11, 2019


Plenary session 1 - Future protein sources - focus on the European market
1. European soya – possibilities and limitations - Volker Hahn, University of Hohenheim/Research group Legumes and Sunflowers
2. Low-glucosinolate rapeseed meal as a valuable source of protein for poultry - Anna Rogiewicz and Bogdan A. Slominski, University of Manitoba
3. The role of bioethanol production in producing environmentally sustainable feed materials for the poultry sector - Emily Burton, Nottingham Trent University

Plenary session 2 - Nutrition of layers
1. Focus on extended laying cycles - Cormac O’Shea, Nottingham Trent University
2. Feather pecking – nutritional approaches to reduce/avoid - Annemarie Mens, Wageningen University
3. TBC

Wednesday - June 12, 2019


Plenary session 3 - Gut health – take on new approaches
1. Animals as microbial constructions  - evolutionary roots and phenotypîc outcomes of the holobiont - prof. Marc-André SELOSSE, French Natural History Museum
2. Improving gut health by modulating the digestive microbiota? New insights from metagenomics studies - Fanny Calenge, INRA
3. Interaction between nutrition, immunity, the gut microbiome, and poultry health - Mike Kogut, USDA

Plenary session 4 - Sustainability
1. P efficiency and phytate destruction: problems solved? - Markus Rodehutscord, University of Hohenheim
2. Improving environmental sustainability of poultry production using innovative feeding strategies - Bertrand Méda,
3. Sustainability goals and approaches of the feed industry - Yves Tohermes, DVT

Gala dinner

Thursday - June 13, 2019

Plenary session 5 - Waterfowl
1. Amino acid requirement of ducks - Shuisheng Hou, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
2. Recent Developments in Practical Aspects of Duck Feeding - Patrick Garland, Cherry Valley Farms/Premier Nutrition
3. TBC

Hot Topics:
1. From yolk to intestine: Nutrient  transfer for better-quality chicks - Zehava Uni, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Closing Ceremony

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