What are discussion groups?
Discussion groups (DG) are formed from conference participants who will express their willingness to take part in such groups. Organizers proposed the following working plan for discussion groups: following each session, the chairman will inform members of individual DG which topic they will be responsible for. Individual discussion groups will meet in indicated rooms and will discuss and prepare two to three questions which will be passed on to the chairman of the session. The main idea of the discussion groups is to create an opportunity for people from industry, science but most importantly for young scientific workers to mingle together and share their knowledge and experience.  The organizers would like to stress that participation in DG does not require extensive knowledge and experience. All that members of DG are expected to have is willingness to get new experience and meet other persons from other countries and institutions and possibly develop new contacts.
The organizers hope that once you decide to take part in a DG, you will participate in most of the meetings of the given DG.

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