1.    All manuscripts must be submitted in English to marta.kubis@up.poznan.pl
2.    Deadline for submission – April 15, 2019
3.    Authors are responsible for the literary standard of manuscripts. If necessary, authors are recommended to seek help of English speaking colleagues. Manuscripts will not be revised and will be published as received.
4.    Documents must be assembled in the following order:
1.    Title – same as abstract
2.    Name and postal address(es) of author(s)
3.    E-mail address of the corresponding author
5.    Abbreviations must be defined at first use.
6.    The manuscript should be structured in paragraphs as follows: Abstract, Introduction, and objective(s), Material and methods, Results and discussion, Conclusion(s).
7.    Papers should be presented in Word format, in an A4 layout, using Times New Roman 12 point font, which should be single-spaced with 2.5 cm margins. Tables and figures should be inserted into the text as appropriate.
8.    12-pages is the maximum length of the manuscript, including list of references.
9.    Literature
1.    Only essential and commonly accessible literature should be cited, e.g. books, articles in journals, and Ph.D. theses on the same subject (no diploma works).
2.    The name(s) of the author(s) should be written in CAPITALS.
3.    The cited references are listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order by the first author. In the text, references are presented by name of the author(s) and year of publication (e.g. JEROCH et al., 2011).
4.    When citing publications from journals, the following sequence applies: all authors (with initials of the first names) – the year of publication complete title of the publication – journal – volume number (bold) – (issue number if necessary) – page numbers of the publications. Example: HIPPENSTIEL, F., A.A.A. ABDEL-WARETH, S. KEHRAUS, K.-H. SÜDEKUM, 2011: Effects of selected herbs and essential oils, and their active components on feed intake and performance of broilers – a review. Arch. Geflügelk. 75, 226-234.
5.    Books are cited as follows: author (with initials of the first names) year of publication – the complete title of the book – edition (form the 2. edition on) – publisher – place ISBN or ISSN – pages. Example: JEROCH, H., S. DÄNICKE, 2011: Faustzahlen der Geflügelfütterung. In: DAMME, K., C. MÖBIUS: Geflügeljahrbuch 2012. Eugen Ulmer KG, Stuttgart, ISBN 978-3-8001-7585-7, 160-199.
6.    For the first author the abbreviated first name is given after the name and for further authors preceding the names. Between the last but one and the last author ‘and’ has to be omitted.
10.    It is the author’s responsibility to submit a correct manuscript; any errors in spelling, grammar, or scientific fact will be published as typed by the author.
11.    If you need more information, then you look at the:  World’s Poultry Science Journal, – INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS-.

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